Esport MGMNT

Esports Management Camp

July 14th – 16th

Becker College esports management camp for high school students will be held from July 15th-17th on the Worcester campus. Becker College faculty with real-life experience in the esports industry will teach the program. Various guest speakers and industry professionals will participate in some of the activities.

The esports industry encompasses careers in gaming, technology, professional sports management, public relations, creative writing, content production, broadcasting, sales, advertising and various STEM and business-related fields. Esports industry growth is currently outpacing the availability of trained executives suitable to fill all the new jobs that are available now and in the near future.

Students who attend the esports management camp will gain a competitive advantage in learning about the multitudes of jobs that will need to meet the demands of the industry’s growth.

If you are interested please reach out to:

Donald Desrochers